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The old ones say that the moustache has descended through the ages, born from legend itself. Bold and strong moustaches, embedded in our very bloodlines. And now thousands of men across New Zealand, nah, across the world, embrace their whiskers, motivating others to join the good fight. They crank up the volume, they make noise in the streets, they creep some people out- and leave others in awe. And now, we call on you.

With $17,000 worth of prizes, the Mo-Hunt comes to you, no matter what race, gender or species,  moustache or no, to give your testament to Movember, to gather your teams and ready yourselves for the greatest event Auckland city has seen.

On the 23rd, we go forth, in sun or snow; we arm ourselves with razors; we don our awesome limited edition T-shirts.

On the 23rd of November of this two thousand and thirteenth year- we hunt!



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