Welcome to 2013 and the 6th Annual Mo-hunt, the best (and only) New Zealand city scavenger hunt in association with Movember. In 2012 we doubled our previous years  effort, and this year we want to re-double them again. Already our website has had a massive overhaul, volunteered by French graphic designer Marine Roudié.

As this is a completely not-for-profit event we rely on your help as sponsors. So prizes, money, advertising, printing, posters, T-shirts- anything you can offer will insure New Zealand remains aware of men’s health issues and that this awesome event continues.


In return The Mo-hunt will work with you to promote your business via our website, Facebook, Twitter feed, posters or our radio ads leading up to the event. Each person participating recieves a goodie bag with small goodies and our sponsors material inside. Each of the major sponsors will have a personalized challenge built into the scavenger hunt for the teams to perform. For sponsors inside the Hunt’s perimeter  we will try to divert the Mo-Hunt past or inside your store as part of the hunt. For example: past challenges included teams recreating the logo for Smoove, in store, by leaping into the air, having a dance-off inside Timezone, or counting the moustache decals in the windows of Moustache Cookie Bar.

That’s approximately 150 people participating on the day, plus the pedestrians and onlookers of Auckland’s CBD. Photos along with the sponsors logos are then projected onto a screen at the events venue during and after the hunt, updated in real time via social media. This is an attention grabbing event lasting a lot longer than just the month of November.

Sponsorship can be anything from store discounts, product or events, to cash donations. Generally, we try to keep product prizes in sets of 4 so no one in the team misses out (unless it is smaller items for the goodie bags or spot prizes). We offer prizes for the top three teams, the losing team and spot prizes, so everyone participating has a chance of winning something. If resources allow us to we like to do a give-away via social media to build up anticipation for the event and a small prize after the Mo-Hunt for photos from the event uploaded to social media .



-The Stubble Sponsor                               Investment:  Spot prizes and goodie bag material

Your company’s logo will be uploaded to our websites sponsor page, Facebook photo album and other forms of social media. It will be projected during the event and will have limited shout outs via social media.  These benefits will be included in all higher forms of sponsorship.

-The Handlebar Sponsor                         Investment: $1,500 worth of prizes or $750 cash

Your company’s name will be included on the event’s promotional posters, have a strong presence via social media and may have the opportunity to host their very own challenge during the Mo-hunt (subject to our omniscient guidance), with accompanying photos sent to you after the event. You will be specifically thanked before and after the event. These benefits will be included in all higher forms of sponsorship.

-The Fu Manchu Sponsor                       Investment: $10,000+ worth of cold, hard cash

The Fu Manchu is the ultimate sponsor, your company will have everything above, and more. Your praises will be shouted long into the night via every resource we have available. We offer to anyone crazy enough the prestige of becoming the head-honcho, the big cheese, the primary and principle sponsor, with your name becoming synonymous with The Great 2013 Mo-Hunt. You will become a Movember deity.

Obviously these are very broad guidelines and we will work with you and your business to optimize your participation in this event.



This is a fantastic event for guys and girls of all ages to be involved in. In 2012 we held a small competition with radio station The Rock across New Zealand and the 4 winners  won free transport and accommodation to the event.  This is a chance for everyone to be involved in a great day out and to support the Movember Foundation and men’s health.

To be involved or for any questions, please contact our Sponsorship Manager, Te Rangi Ropata, by using the contact form below or at