T&Cs / Terms and Conditions

For the Mo-Hunt

  • I understand that the roads and footpaths are open to the public and as such there is no closure or special allowance made for myself as a Mo-Hunt competitor.
  • The organisers of the Mo-Hunt and their sponsors are not responsible for any injury, damage or mischief I do to myself and/or others.
  • There is no recourse for prosecution or remuneration due to any loss or injury resulting in my participation of the Mo-Hunt.
  • I am an adult and will conduct myself with a high decorum and courtesy to the general public and other hunters.
  • I agree to allow the organisers of the Mo-Hunt free and royalty-free use of all images submitted for marking for the future purposes of marketing the Mo-Hunt.
  • I understand there may be film and still cameras recording me as part of the Mo-Hunt and allow my image to be used for marketing future Mo-Hunts.
  • If I get sprung by the cops doing something illegal I will disavow any knowledge of the Mo-Hunt as The Organisers are sure as hell not going to come and bail your ass out of jail.
  • If you are in a team of less than 4 people you may be introduced to singles, or pairs that need a team. we will sort this on the day, but what better chance to meet like-minded peeps. If this doesnt sound like you then organise 3 others and you have a complete team. If you have 6 people you will need to split into 2 teams and may receive singles to fill you team on the day.

 For the Early Bird Draw

  • One prize winner is drawn from all Mo-Hunt tickets purchased before 11:59pm 10 November 2013
  • Prize is 2 nights for 4 people staying in a 2 double, loft apartment at DeBretts Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand. The prize must be taken on Friday 22nd November and Saturday 23rd November 2013 (over the Mo-Hunt weekend).
  • The winner has the right to select his/her fellow hotel guests (up to 3 other guests) for the weekend, we suggest your fellow team mates – if your full team registers, you have 4x chances to win the early bird prize! – but if you are the hookers and blow kinda person then have at it (ed – the organisers and DeBretts do not condone illegal behaviour).
  • Prize is not transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • The prize winner will be contacted by phone. Three attempts will be made 24 hours apart. If the prize winner cannot be contacted within 72 hours of the draw then the prize will be redrawn from the remaining entries.
  • If the prize winner cannot redeem the prize on the Mo-Hunt weekend the prize will be redrawn from the remaining valid entries.
  • Prize winner is responsible for all extra expenses incurred at DeBretts which includes but is not limited to, room service, damage, phone calls.
  • Prize winner will have to supply a valid credit card to be lodged against their room for the length of their stay, this card is used for security and will not be charged for the accommodation portion of their stay.

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